General Purpose CFD
This section has been divided to two parts:
The first for highly automated-integrated software systems which can work directly with native solid modeler's cad data and do the all job - preprocessing, solving and post processing in a single easy to use gui environment. They are for non-CFD specialists, typically design engineers. But they can not give you analyst level control and results for your problems.
The second contains high-end cfd solvers with latest available technology options today which require good knowledge of fluid dynamics as well as experience in using cfd. With these packages you may need 3rd party software for preprocessing the problems and postprocessing to evaluate the results.
listed in alphabetical order!

Automated - Integrated CFD

Cfd-Cadalyzer CFD-CADalyzer provides the design engineer with enhanced decision support by permitting rapid sequential or parallel CFD simulations to assess the potential performance of multiple design variants and alternatives. CFD-CADalyzer will work with any CAD package that provides a direct ACIS (Inventor, AutoCAD, etc.) or Parasolid (SolidWorks, Unigraphics, etc kernel.) Soon to follow will be Granite (Pro/Engineer and Pro/Desktop).

CFDesign Cfdesign is a general purpose, finite element based, fluid flow and heat transfer program. This CFD package combines high level of functionality and accuracy with ease of use.

Cosmos/FloWorks Cosmos/FloWorks is fully integrated into SolidWorks and enables you to understand, validate and improve your designs immediately within SolidWorks so you could design not just better, but smarter and helps you make informed decisions - even when you are forced to answer questions without knowing all the pieces in the puzzle.

Efd.Lab Efd.Lab is based on the principles of Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD). Efd.Lab features incompressible (liquid or gas) or compressible (gas) flows, laminar, turbulent, steady-state and transient flows, surface roughness, conjugated heat transfer, particle tracking, and many more physical models.

StarWorks StarWorks is a CFD solver which runs inside the SolidWorks and based on the Star-CD high-end CFD code.

High - End CFD
Adina The Adina is an integrated system used for the analysis of structures and fluid flows. Basic linear analysis can be performed very effectively for structures, and nonlinear effects can be included.

Aerosoft Aerosoft CFD system has tree products consisting of GASP, GUST, and SENSE. GASP is a structured, multi-block CFD flow solver which is applicable to compressible flow fields approximately Mach 0.2 and greater. This would include flows with finite-rate or equilibrium chemistry, such as combustion problems or reentry type flows. GUST is an unstructured version of GASP. SENSE takes a user supplied structured multi-block cfd solution, and will predict the variation about that solution with respect to one or more design variables.

Cart3D Cart3D is a high-fidelity inviscid analysis package for conceptual and preliminary aerodynamic design. It was developed at NASA Ames Research Center and has been used successfully in external flow aerodynamic simulations. Cart3D is integrated into ICEM CFD version 4.2. Cart3D produces topologically unstructured, adaptively refined, Cartesian meshes. The desired finest cell size can be achieved by controlling the initial mesh divisions and number of refinement levels. The solver is a scalable, multilevel solver for the Euler equations governing the inviscid flow of a compressible fluid.

Cfd++ CFD++ is a Computational Fluid Dynamics software built to tackle engineering and scientific applications. Some of the CFD++ features are: Unified physics, unified grid and unified computing. Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations, large eddy simulation (LES) models and hybrid LES/RANS. Compressible fluid flows with high- and low-speed specializations. Incompressible flows. Single and multi-species reacting flows. Integrated unified-grid treatment for all grid and cell topologies including patched-nonaligned and overset grids.

Cfd-Ace+ Cfd-Ace+ is an advanced CFD & Multiphysics software. It enables coupled simulations of fluid, thermal, chemical, biological, electrical and mechanical phenomena. It supports all grid technologies including multi-block structured, general polyhedral unstructured, arbitrary interfaces, and moving and deforming grids. Cfd-Ace+ is offered as a base package that includes flow, heat transfer and turbulence. Other optional industry-specific packages are offered for biotechnology, plasma, semiconductor, MEMS, aerospace and fuel cells.

Cfd-Fastran Cfd-Fastran is a CFD software for aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic applications. It is specifically designed to support the aerospace industry. It employs state-of-the-art multiple moving body capability for simulating most complex aerospace problems including missile launch, maneuvering and staging, and aircraft flight dynamics and store separation. It supports all grid technologies including multi-block structured, general polyhedral unstructured, Chimera/overset and adaptive Cartesian.

Cfx CFX combines direct CAD input, automatic meshing and a unique Coupled Algebraic Multigrid algorithm where pressure and momentum conservation equations are solved simultaneously, slashing CPU time associated with CFD. The conjugate heat transfer capability, combined with CFX-5's existing direct CAD import and automatic meshing, provides engineers with a tool which integrates perfectly within their design cycle.

Cobalt Cobalt is an unstructured CFD code available for complex aerodynamic analyses. The main attributes of Cobalt are accuracy, robustness and efficiency. Cobalt is a time accurate, parallel, implicit, unstructured flow solver that solves the Euler/Navier-Stokes equations in both 2-D and 3-D spaces. Cobalt can accept any polyhedral elements (tetrahedrons, pyramids, prisms, hexahedrals, etc) in a grid including hybrid grids (any combination of elements). Cobalt contains the state-of-the-art turbulence models including Spalart-Allmaras, Menter's SST, Wilcox's 1998 k-w and Detached Eddy Simulation (DES) for Spalart and Menter's Models.

Fastflo Fastflo is a powerful but easy-to-use general 2D and 3D PDE solving system. PDE solvers are written in a concise, high level language named Fasttalk, which encourages rapid development, but allows as much control as necessary to develop solvers for standard or non-standard problems encountered in scientific or industrial applications.

Feat The original progam package FEAT is a general purpose subroutine system for the numerical solution of partial differential equations by the finite element method. FEAT is not a user oriented system, it only provides subroutines for several main steps in a finite element program. The user should be familiar with the mathematical formulation of the discrete problems. The data structure of FEAT is transparent so that modifications or augmentations of the program package are very easy.

FinFlo Finflo is a Navier-Stokes solver capable of handling incompressible and compressible flow, i.e. subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows. The Reynolds-averaged thin-layer Navier-Stokes equations are solved by a Finite-Volume method. The solution is based on approximately factorized time-integration with local time-stepping. The code utilizes either Roe's flux-difference splitting or van Leer's flux-vector splitting. The effects of turbulence are evaluated with either algebraic turbulence models.

Flo++ Flo++ is a general purpose finite volume computational fluid dynamics program for the solution of industrial fluid flow and heat transfer problems. It solves the basic conservation equations of fluid dynamics and produces results in the form of pressures, temperatures and other flow variables.

Flotran General purpose CFD module of Ansys FEA systems. Solving a wide variety of fluid flow problems. Ansys/Flotran simulates laminar, turbulent, and compressible and incompressible flows; subsonic, transonic, and supersonic flow regimes; single or multiple fluids; and thermal/fluid coupling. With a host of new features recently added to Ansys/Flotran, the new advanced turbulence models and new upwinding scheme top the list. New turbulence models include zero equation model and enhanced k-e models, making turbulence modeling more robust in Ansys/Flotran.

Flow3D Flow3D is a general purpose CFD software package capable of simulating a wide variety of fluid flows. While our specialty is the simulation of free surface flows, the package is also excellent for simulating external flows and confined flows. Flow3D includes a variety of special features which enable one to model an extremely wide variety of physical processes including acoustic waves, cavitation, the solidification and shrinkage of metals, flow through porous media, surface tension, wall adhesion and more...

Fluent Fluent is a simulation software used to predict fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reaction, and related phenomena. Fluent's general purpose software and consulting services are used by engineers in leading corporations worldwide for detailed product development, design optimization, troubleshooting, scale-up, and retrofitting.

Fun3D Fun2D/3D was born in the late 80's as a research code that has been developed for investigating discretization and algorithmic issues related to analysis, adaptation, and design optimization for turbulent flows across the speed range on mixed-element unstructured grids. Companies have used the tools heavily for applications such as high-lift, cruise performance, and studies of revolutionary concepts. The software has also been used for military applications, large-scale computer science research at national labs, as well as algorithmic studies performed at universities.

GasDynamicsTool The GasDynamicsTool computational package is intended for numerical simulation of gas-dynamical processes within a broad range of initial and boundary conditions. Jet flows, internal/external aerodynamics problems, ballistics, combustion and detonation are only but a few of the phenomena to be modeled with the help of this package.

Nova NOVA is a CFD solver developed by CFD-Finland. It is based on the pressure-correction method which is widely used in many commercial CFD programs. The solver has the following features: Multi-block structured grid. Multi-grid acceleration. K-Epsilon turbulence model for the bulk flow. Algebraic turbulence model near the solid wall with roughness modelling. Rotating coordinates available for turbomachine applications. Sliding mesh technique for linking rotating and non-rotating domains.

PowerFlow Design engineers worldwide faces fluid flow problems in their work. These fluid problems range from airflow over automobile and airplane surfaces measuring lift, drag, yaw, and friction; to flows in plastic injection molding; to the movement of fluids and heat transfer in nuclear reactors; to spray cooling and humidification. Exa Corporation's Digital Fluids method contrasts with traditional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools which are based on the Navier-Stokes differential equations.

SC/Tetra SC/Tetra has been developed as a PC-based CFD package.

Star-CD Star-CD provides the high level of accuracy needed for complex unstructured meshes, with the efficiency and robustness demanded by engineering design and development cycles. With the shorter set up times achievable through STAR-CD's CAD integration and automated meshing tools, issues relating to numerical accuracy, robustness and efficiency become critical- path factors for users of the code.

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