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VMA since 1997!There are some major changes on the site. Some pages removed or relocated and the menu structure changed as well. The modelbase will be reactivated at january 2005 when the site moves to a new server and domain. A completely new section; bareHULL is also coming around the first days of 2005...29.11.2004

Here is some links to the good FORUMS around the net for deeper informing and sharing the knowledge about the design, engineering & analysis, CAD, CFD, FEA software, etc...

Any metal when immersed in an electrically conductive fluid, has a specific electrical potential that is measurable as a voltage... click here for the full article about galvanic corrosion.

The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) by practicing engineers and analysts has increased dramatically over the past few years. The increase is due to advances in computational methods together with the increase in performance and affordability of computers... click here to read more on using CFD for ship design.

Satellite Images for the 7 Seas

FEA is an analytical method used by engineers to help determine how well structural designs survive in actual conditions such as stress, vibration, heat, and other forces... The objective of the procedure is to determine the response of the ship's structure to applied static and dynamic loads and to verify the structural response against acceptance criteria for stress, deflection and buckling. click here to read more on structural analysis of ships with FEA...
Latest Entries & News

FreeShip is an excellent free & open source! surface modeler for ship design...19.06.05

Major updates at CFD for Ship Design software section... 12.01.2005

Gid is a universal, adaptive pre-post processor for CAE applications...13.12.2004

ShipHull200 is a stability software...30.11.2004

Shipworks is a new hydrodynamic analysis add-on for SolidWorks...29.11.2004

Salome is a generic platform for Pre and Post Processing...29.11.2004

Midas is a new general purpose structural analysis system...29.11.2004

Samcef is another general purpose structural analysis system...29.11.2004

NEiAdvanced composites is a new tool for anlyzing composite structures...29.11.2004

Naval Designer is a CAD software dedicated to naval architecture...29.11.2004

Sic Hydrostatic Analysis is basic hydrostatic tool which works inside Catia v5...29.11.2004

Hypersizer is an automated composite structure optimization tool...29.11.2004

I always love marine and marine vehicles; galleys, old fishing schooners, multihulls, submarines... As I am interested in computers and marine vehicle design I have decided to built this simple links site. If you are also interested in ship & yacht design and construction as amateur or professional this site will serve you... Easier access to any kind of marine related software but specially computer aided design, manufacturing and engineering stuff, is possible beyond this point. I have personally used / tested about one third of these software but prefer not to say my personal comments about them to be more objective. But if there is some false info, broken link, a new software or anything related just contact me!
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